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Savannah House

This planned new construction of a 5500 SF home in a Savannah floodplain includes a spacious and welcoming front porch, a rear screened porch with outdoor kitchen, rear deck, pool, pool house, fire pit, a home office space, lounge spaces, two owner's suites, five total bedrooms, a bonus room, a garage workshop.


The house is designed to be multifaceted – to feel spacious and expansive yet intimate and cozy. The raised first floor is wrapped with brick, detailed with corbels and soldier coursing, to emphasis the home’s solidity and connection to the ground.  Cement board siding and metal roofs were selected for longevity and familiar appearance. The home was detailed with an emphasis on energy performance and air-tightness, including continuous exterior insulation on the walls and roofs.


The primary interior spaces flow together, from entry to kitchen to living to dining. The North-facing front porch will provide a comfortable, well shaded space to welcome guests. The entry stair floats in the space softening the transition between the entry foyer and living room. A lounge space sits on the balcony above the entry, providing a space for relaxation that’s distant but still connected to the first floor. The vaulted ceilings here express the exterior gables and are up-lit from light coves for emphasis. The South-facing dining room is shaded by a screen porch to the South and an outdoor kitchen and dining area to the East. The whole space can be opened to be combined into a single entertainment space overlooking the pool deck.


The pool is centered on an East-West axis with the pool house on one end and a decorative Japanese cherry tree on the opposite. The cherry tree, which can be seen from the street, provides a hint of the more private entertainment space behind the house. It also provides a focal point for the axis of the rear entertainment spaces as they transition from the man-made pool house on one end to the natural beauty of the cherry tree on the other.


The landscaping and hardscape concepts were also designed by Brink Design to provide connection between the interior and nature, and to help frame the home and the exterior rooms of the fire pit and the pool area. The pool itself was designed as a negative infinity edge pool.

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