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Firm Philosophy


Every project we work on has a unique feel and concept. Generally, we think of architecture as a process of exploring relationships, the boundaries between them, and the interactions that are created as a result.  These can be relationships between inhabitants and nature, various groups of people, public and private spaces, various uses within a building, near and far, hot and cold, light and dark. The character of that edge between relationships, and the extent to which that Brink is articulated helps us create compelling Architecture.


We find our most successful projects are those that tell the story of those relationships and interactions.

To be successful architects, designers, and project managers we have to think about the future, both near and far. We think about how our buildings will impact the environment, their surroundings, and their inhabitants, about how they will be maintained, and how they will age over their lifetimes. We employ tools that allow design iteration with speed and efficiency to help us understand the impacts of our designs relative to these considerations and allow us to provide designs with measured solutions to help reduce and eliminate short and long term negative impacts.


We strive to achieve our designs in a way that is both innovative and efficient. Our goal is to leverage technology, our expertise, and technical skills to achieve this. This effort, along with a solid foundation in project management and planning, allows us to focus on design and achieving project goals.  We provide hands-on project management from Principals and access to talented designers and technically skilled professionals.

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