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Brink Design is engaged in providing Architectural Design, Production and Project Management Services and full consultant coordination management for 13 townhomes across 3 individual buildings totaling approximately 26,500 SF.

Bridget Ellgass is the primary point of contact for this project and leads the effort for Brink Design. Her responsibilities have included client management, project management, staffing, and design and QA/QC.

Andrew Haney is leading the production efforts on this project. His responsibilities include managing production of technical construction details, producing the project manual and specifications, coordinating with the full project team including the Architect’s consultants, the owner’s representatives, and owner’s consultants and construction team.

Brink Design has used its expertise, organizational structure, including our ability to add manpower as necessary, effective organization of information, advanced understanding of building information modelling, effective communication and our understanding of how to leverage technology to support us in these areas to make this project a success. We will continue to apply our skills and expertise as this project enters construction to make the project successful.

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