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A collection of retail buildings to include offices, restaurants, and commercial retail spaces.

This project was designed as a collection of three retail buildings including a variety of uses, joined by large amounts of outdoor seating and public space. The project is located in Braselton, GA and, while it wasn't constructed, it was designed with the community in mind. The buildings are set close to the street and buffered from it by trees, sidewalks, and the natural grade changes of the site. Parking is kept out of view of the street, tucked behind the buildings. The design style of these buildings was meant to both speak to the history of the area - nearby a historic downtown, located on the same lot previously home to a historic high school - and to provide modern touches and clean detailing. Materials featured in the design include historical brick patterns and arches, board and batten siding, steel windows, natural stone, and heavy timber framing.

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