Our Name

When we think about architecture and design we think about the complex and sometimes delicate relationships between elements. These can be relationships between people and nature, between public and private spaces, between various uses within a building.  Often these relationships are contextual and found through an examination of the project goals, site, and program. The extent to which these relationships are defined and the character of that definition represents a chance to create a moment, and by definition, a brink of existence.  This creates a juncture for so many types of spaces, stories, and interactions.  Understanding and designing that brink is the basis for our work.


We believe that as architects and designers we have a responsibility to create buildings that promote the health of both their inhabitants and their environment.  This thought process overlays our work on all levels from understanding the components of passive and active environmental design like site orientation and day-lighting, to understanding the energy usage and consumption of our projects, to understanding the environmental impact of the materials used in the building.  We view these considerations as basic tenants of responsible design, not as boxes to be checked.


As a firm we want to continue to improve in all facets. This means growing our knowledge base and our capabilities.  So much of what we do is reliant on technology and our goal is always to leverage the appropriate technologies, whether they're emerging or more proven, to produce our work effectively and to exceed our clients' needs and goals.  As a result we continually research technologies we feel can help us accomplish these goals.